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Flourish 2023 is available on YouTube

This year's Flourish conference has come and gone, but it doesn't have to be over. The CGWM National Leadership Team is excited to announce several opportunities to you.

First, we know that not everyone is able to attend the Flourish Conference for any number of reasons. And while there is no substitute for attending in person, we are making the full conference available on our YouTube Channel. We encourage you to gather a group of ladies from your local church and watch the sessions together.

When you gather, please take a picture of your group and send it to us.

We also announced another opportunity at the Flourish conference. The CGWM National Leadership Team recently studied the book Seven Realities of Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby together. We found it so impactful that we want to provide the opportunity for everyone to participate in a similar way. If you want to experience more of God in your daily life, you will want to join us in this eight-week study.

We invite you to choose the group that is most workable in your schedule.

Kelly DeVincent is currently meeting on Tuesdays at 6:30 at Curt's Restaurant in Markleysburg.

Kathy Foor will host a Zoom Meeting on Tuesdays @ 10:00 am starting 3/28/23

Kathy Odegard will host a group on Saturday mornings in person at the Great Lakes Conference Room at 700 Melrose Ave, Findlay, OH (Starts March 25)

Susan Fennig will host a meeting in her home at 617 N Ash St., Celina, OH on Tuesdays at 6:30. (Starts 3/28/23)

Heather Boss will host a group on Zoom that will study the book of John together on Tuesdays at 11 am central (12: eastern) beginning May 9, 2023.

To register, please email your registration information to

Please include your name, phone, email and which group you want to meet with.

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