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Celebrating 30 Years of March Retreat, Devotional #14

We hope by now you have received your 30-Day Devotional Guide created by your Flourish Committee. If you haven't, we may not have a correct address for you. You can find a printable pdf version of the Devotional on our website or at Over the next several months, we will be posting each devotional on our blog as well, helping us to celebrate this milestone throughout the year. Today's blog post commemorates the fourteenth year of the March Retreat.

#14 2005 Speakers: Jan Silvious & Bonnie Keen Come to the Light

Again, Jesus spoke to them, saying, "I am the light of the world.

Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life."

~John 8:12~

I can vividly remember when my husband Tim, my son Nathaniel and I went on a road trip to Apple Hill in Placerville, CA. We always tend to stop in some random location that we never intended on that day. While we were on our way, I watched for our turn on our GPS and spotted this little tourist attraction called the "Gold Bug Park and Mine." I saw that this place was kid-friendly, so we stopped off and took our chances on this tourist attraction. Much to our surprise, this was a fun spot for little ones to play, gem mine, and pan for gold. Nathaniel was having a blast running around and picking up rocks and throwing them into the stream. Tim noticed the park had a mine that you could walk through, so we decided to venture in and check it out. Sweet little Nathaniel, who was three at the time, was so excited as we entered and was curious about what he would see. As we ventured further and further in, the light to the outside became dimmer and dimmer. Nathaniel's look of curiosity quickly turned into worry and fear. Nathaniel began to scream and ask to leave the cave immediately. He could not see anything and explained that the cave made him feel scared. I remember that my husband knelt next to him and shared that Nathaniel had nothing to fear. He assured Nathaniel that Jesus would protect him and guide him even though the cave seemed dark and dim. Nathaniel raised his brow, wiped his tears, and begrudgingly continued into the cave. As I walked with Nathaniel, he began to grip my hand tighter and tighter, but he never asked again to leave. As we made our way out, Nathaniel let out a sigh of relief and exclaimed in triumph 'I made it through with the help of the Lord!"

That moment caught my attention because I can think of countless times in my life where fear and doubt began to creep into my mind. I have experienced those times as an adult while witnessing the gospel, feeding the homeless in downtown Stockton, or even in the little things like taking on a major assignment at work. Although those times seemed dark or dim as I allowed my mind to make up a story of what "might happen" in those situations, the light has always shown through with triumph. My son's traumatic experience was one where he overcame his fear and showed bravery, a lesson he has not forgotten. Sometimes we find ourselves in random places or on adventures that we didn't plan. Those adventures may seem scary while darkness attempts to creep in. However, when we persevere and demonstrate childlike faith toward the Lord, his light shines brighter and brighter while fear and doubt become dim. Sometimes we need to grip the Lord's hand tighter.

Thoughts to meditate on:

1. What moments in your life can you recount where darkness crept in?

2. What is your cave where you need to exhibit childlike faith?

Author: Jamie Welsh

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